The “Best Of” Restaurant Update

Representative of the infallibility of the ScoopOTP “Best of” pieces is that a vast majority all of the extolled restaurants are still forging a great product in an undertaking notorious for short shelf lives. Thenceforth, there are notable gains to each list, that have original links below. Onward to the ins and outs:

Best sandwiches:

  • Fish sandwich at Mitch’s Meats. I’ve sanctioned this outstanding butcher, fish monger, and takeout lunch spot on countless occasions. Thusly, I’m always interrogated as to what I most laud. Singling out a favorite soup or sandwich is like picking a favorite kid. Of the pick-your-own fish choices, the scallop is both relatively uncommon and tremendous.
  • Beef on a weck, Tavern at Medlock in Norcross. It is rare to find this Buffalo specialty in these parts, but the neighborhood bar in the past location of Ludlow Porch’s Blue Ribbon Grill puts out a very credible version.

Best chicken wings: Pub Ten in Peachtree Corners. It also deserves inclusion in the article about burgeoning Peachtree Corners. Whether it’s the ten-spiced dry rubbed or sweet tea-Virgil Kaine flavors, this public house catty-corner from the Forum, this family-friendly restaurant put out American cuisine better than most. I’ll even pardon proprietor Evan Hanson for advising me “You look really old.”

Best pizza:

  • O4W Pizza in Duluth. At the time the flawless original listing was compiled, O4W was established only at their original namesake ITP location. The nationally celebrated shop is a part of Parson’s Alley.
  • Osteria Mattone in Roswell. The most economical option at the high-end Italian is the make-your-own pizza bar. Yes, you pick the sauces, cheeses, toppings (and countless to select). Your custom designed pizza is made Neapolitan style.
  • Arditi Pizza in Lawrenceville: It is scarce that I feel assured enough to vaunt someplace I have not (yet) been. But Snellville source Jacob Greenblat leads an expanding number in my foodie underground posse effusing accolades.

Best burger:

All three made rousing debuts in 2018. Soul and Holmes are neighbors in the hot spot that is Alpharetta City Center. Hen Mother is best known as setting the breakfast bar but also features the best gourmet-sized burger within miles.

Best barbecue: Barbecue at the Catering Kitchen. Up and coming up in Cumming, in an area that still fits into the stereotype of a chain reaction of subpar restaurants, this lunch-only great is the exception to the rule.

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