Six Super Gadget and Tech Gifts For Valentine’s Day

We all know that love can be blind, but why be blind or out of touch when it comes to that gift for your significant other, or special friend. Both men and women say they love the latest  gadgets and gifts that might offer the latest technology, so it’s ok to think high tech when it comes to Valentine’s Day.

Rick Limpert, our tech expert and tech writer, is here with some great suggestions.

SOUL Electronics: Run Free Pro Bio Earphones

Meet the world’s first AI earphones with Gait Analysis that monitors running form and provides real-time coaching to maximize your performance. This is the latest for serious and new runners.  The Run Free is powered by customized BEFLEX BIOMECH ENGINE® which monitors running form and provides real-time coaching to maximize performance and minimize potential injury, all while providing the best sound. The iOS or Android AI analyst SOUL Fit App tracks and analyzes runs to improve performance over time.

Features include: Measures speed, distance, cadence, step length, step width, vertical oscillation, head tilt angle, stance/flight time, shock, maximum leg force, balance, and consistency.

Boasts SOUL’s signature sound with Bluetooth for seamless connectivity in any environment. Safety LED lights with still and flashing options for added safety during night workouts. Ergonomic interchangeable ear locks give the perfect seal and sweatproof capability offers maximum versatility and comfort. You will get a legitimate 11 hours of playback time with one charge. Different ear tip sizes are included for the perfect fit. Colors: Power Grey and Passion Red and offered at a great price: $149.99.

HEY Bracelet

With HEY you can send and receive a real human touch, no matter where you are. I saw this unique item at CES 2019 in Las Vegas and immediately thought of Valentine’s Day. The HEY bracelet lets you feel your loved one, no matter the distance. You get two bracelets, one for you and one for your sweetie! HEY bracelet is the first haptic bracelet that can send and receive a real human touch. Receiving a touch feels like a little ‘squeeze’ around the wrist and is comforting, instantly making you feel loved and closer to the person who sent it, no matter where they are. HEY incorporates advanced technology that communicates through Bluetooth with your smartphone. Your touch is transferred directly to the HEY app on your phone, and from there to the paired HEY bracelet anywhere in the world. The recipient will feel the touch as a gentle squeeze around their wrist. It’s a unique sensation, that can’t be compared to anything else. There is also a new HEY Touch coming out as well, that will let you stay “in touch” with even more friends. Order your pair of HEY bracelets for $115.

Healbe GoBe 2 Wearable Wellness & Nutrition Tracker for Men and Women

The one wearable that does it all to keep you healthy. Manage your stress, track calories, know when it’s time to hydrate and track all your activity levels. If you are looking to track how healthy you are getting in the New Year, this device can help and be your guide. GoBe 2 actually calculates the number of calories you consume in comparison to the number of calories you burn. Check your data in the Healbe GoBe App and on display in real time. GoBe 2 lets you easily see if you’re consuming more calories than you burn, so you can stay on top of your weight loss goals. Sticking to a negative balance for a longer time-period, will help to lose weight.

There is a GoBe 3 slated to come out in 2019, but you can still get this powerful 2.0 version and at a discount. It’s down to $169.


Philips Indoor Smokeless Grill

When the weather won’t let you grill outdoors, take it indoors with the Philips Indoor Smokeless Grill. Advanced infrared technology and special reflectors guide heat to the grid for delicious, evenly grilled food. The drip tray underneath remains cool so there is virtually no smoke. There is also no need to adjust the heat as the grill quickly heats up to a consistent 446 Degree F. This is the optimal temperature for searing meat, leaving it juicy and tender on the inside. This little gem heats up in six minutes and cleans up in one minute. Cooking and cleaning a grill has never been easier. A great gift for $239.

Crosley Radio (Vintage Look) with Bluetooth

Believe it or not, radios and cassette players are back in style. Radios never went away, even in this age of the internet and satellite radios. Get behind the wheel of your musical road trip with the Corsair radio from Crosley. Remember when the power goes out and the internet goes down, a radio can be you lifeline and information source. Look under the hood to pop in a CD, or tune the AM/FM radio in bright colors with a chrome chassis. Get on the road on time with a built-in alarm clock with dual alarms. The dynamic stereo speakers under the grill are enough to get anyone’s wheels spinning in the morning!  There is also a headphone jack. All for $89.95.

Doctor Lip Bang Products

Your lips may be your most important body part on Valentine’s Day! Electrifying Lip Freak Tints from the same line of lip balm you know and love. Doctor Lip Bang has done it again with their electrifying line of Lip Freak Tints. The same natural balms that you love but now with a pop of color that will be the perfect addition to any Valentine’s attire. Choose between shades of Nude Attitude, Sweet Villain, Pinky Swear, and Bleeding Heart, or collect them all. Lip Bang products start around $3.

ScoopOTP contributor, Rick Limpert is an Atlanta-based writer that covers the intersection of sports and technology. You can follow him on Twitter at @RickRoswell, hear him on iHeartRadio stations with Sully, and check out his gadget and tech website at