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Sure, my arteries are guaranteed to combust, causing quite the cataclysm. But why fret over a few stained curtains when the endgame is compiling the best burgers OTP? So without further adieu — not to mention cholesterol, triglycerides, or blood pressure — here is the infallible list of transcendent OTP burger stewards.

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10. Foundation Social Eatery: The finest reasonably priced restaurant to hit the metropolitan area since East Atlanta’s Iris closed many years ago, FSE has sundry menu items that are imperative admittance on any “Best of” list, certainly inclusive of this subject.

Rheas Roswell Scoop OTP burgers9. Rhea’s: Somewhat out of the ordinary, the beef is plunked on Texas toast. There is no compeer in the economical, no-frills classification.

8. Moxie Burger: The East Cobb prototype inserted themselves the ulta-competitive Roswell market with a second location. Devotees now flock to both locations.

7. Crabapple Tavern: Prior to the Dark Ages when suburbia earned its “Bloomin’ Onion Acres,” moniker as a bastion of craptastic chains, Crabapple Tavern was producing praiseworthy wings, Hoffman Hots, and most notably superior burgers.

6. Bocado Burger: Considered by many to be ITP’s inimitable patty producer, they are among the supreme in the Atlanta bedroom communities courtesy of their Avalon outpost.

5. OTP Tap & Grille:They may not rise to the level of a, “can’t go wrong” menu as others such as Bite and Foundation Social Eatery have mastered. The burger however is a home run.


OTP Tap & Grill Burger

4. Kozmo’s Gastropub: The pioneer player at an intersection that is a foodie’s utopia in uOTPia, the house ground sirloin and brisket is surpassed only to their duck confit poutine.

3. The Red Eyed Mule: Beloved by a trusted informant, her emphatic testimonial verifies their admittance into the exclusive club.

2. Bite: An early entry on the double-patty resurgence with house ground short rib and brisket. Their “krussian” (similar to Russian) sauce helps hoisting it steep among the countless worthy contenders. Bite is also a superior all-around restaurant, so bring your non-burger lovers (do these people actually exist?) along too.

1. Oak Street Café: Cast ye your pearls before swine, their debut more than a decade ago was the beginning of the end of the suburbs as a dining laughingstock. Not even a tenfold (at least) increase in competition has slowed down their production of house-ground all-natural beef.

By virtue of also producing the preeminent quintessential burger side dish French fries, their status as the crown jewel of OTP burger artisans is authenticated.

Very honorable mention goes to some of the best specialty burgers such as Stax Burger Bar. The saltimbocca burger anchors a righteous menu of Richard Blais-esque non-traditional options. Also the shrimp burger at Fickle Pickle is correspondingly a bellwether.

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