Best Sandwiches Around North Atlanta

The ScoopOTP culinary guild consisting of, well, me, have concocted what does and does not qualify for the best sandwich list. One could assert that is almost as confusing and as acrimonious as the, “maintain possession to the ground” reception rule in pro football.

For example, with best barbecue and burger collectanea already divulged, neither burgers nor barbecue sandwiches will be embraced in this registry. Per contra, “specialty burgers,” got only a half-baked (note the clever food pun) footnote and were refused admittance in the pecking order among bona fide burgers. Because of such previous ostracism, the non-traditional “burgers” which are really “burger inspired” shall be incorporated.

Now to the drumroll, the best OTP sandwiches excluding barbecue and burgers that are really burgers, but inclusive of “burgers” that aren’t really burgers:

21) Croque monsieur at Douceur de France: Pardon my French, but the naked truth that this electrifying concoction is only 21th attests to how bleeping diverse this manifest is.  They have two locations in Roswell & Marietta.

20) Sam’s hero at East 48th Street Market: Longstanding Dunwoody staple provides an extensive carte du jour of sandwiches to conciliate even the most ostentatious of food nerds.

19) Fried alligator po’ boy at Roswell’s Adele’s Cajun: Irony being they migrated to the former venue of their bread supplier Artisan Bakery. Despite the untimely demise of the latter causing a drop in the quality of bread, all the po’ boys at Adele’s remain rolling in the deep for someone like you.

18) Roasted pork belly bánh mì at Roswell’s Foundation Social Eatery: Vietnamese foodies can quibble whether it passes muster as authentic bánh mì, but it earns wings as authentically first-rate.

Grecian Gyro Scoop OTP17) Gyro at Grecian Gyro: The anchor location by the airport is a winner of best gyro in Atlanta for decades. Fortunately the founder’s (Nick) son quarterbacks the Johns Creek outpost.

16) Lamb shish kabob sandwich at  Aladdin’s Mediterranean Grill & Deli: As if created by a genie, gastronomes would be overjoyed to devour this for 1001 nights.

15) Whitefish bagel at Alpharetta’s BB’s Bagels: Yes Goldberg’s composes righteous bagels as well, but BB’s is the only Manhattan equivalent in the state. A top-shelf homemade whitefish would truly make it “northern quality” but they use Acme, the choicest deployed breed.

14) Chicken shawarma at Alpharetta’s Jerusalem Bakery and Grill: It is beyond question the unparagoned house-made pita bread that brings sandwich apostles to the cynosure of such contrivances.

12) Meatball sandwich at Roswell’s Oak Street Café: Chef Joseph McCaffrey knows his beef, already taking home the “best burger” honor. Sure we’d prefer it on a hoagie roll, but Atlanta Bread Garden’s bun leaves us little to complain about.

12) Italian combination at Lawrencville’s Will’s Taste of Chicago: From time to time, I must allocate to trusted bon vivant’s convictions. Here and now, a reliable informant assures that their inclusion in imperative.

Lobster-Roll Bite Scoop OTP11) Lobster roll at Alpharetta’s Bite Bistro & Bar: Kathleen’s Catch warrants the highest honorable mention, but Bite gets the salute. I will also probe reports of Fry Me to the Moon recently adding a strong contestant.

10) Hoboken hoagie at Alpharetta’s Plantation Italia Italian Market: There are not many Philadelphia/New York peer hoagies, but this one certifies.

9) Shrimp burger at Roswell’s Fickle Pickle: Oh here we go, one of those burgers that’s not really a burger ambuscaders. But it’s masterful so shut your mouth—that is until you are ready to take a bite out of one.

8) Contadini Panini at Campania: It’s a cunning sobriquet for veal meatball embosomed in their tip-top pizza dough. Oak Street Café has big balls. Plantation Italia has big balls. But who has the biggest meatballs of them all? Not sure, but Campania has the best in Alpharetta.

7) Duck confit sandwich at Hop Alley: each time I sojourn to the downtown Alpharetta gem, my partiality for this joint ripens. The duck confit is undeniably justification.

Scoop OTP sandwiches philly cheesesteak6) Cheesesteak at Dave’s Philly’s and Water Ice: we will exonerate young owner Derek for not being diligent of the difference between plural and possessive. The hierarchy of his eatery in this roll call perhaps strengthened in part due to filling a void. Commendable cheesesteaks are limited in these parts. Mad Italian, Woody’s…oh please. Yuze get a real one here! Located in the Dunwoody/Doraville area.

5) Italian beef at Woodstock’s Hot Dog Heaven: Fondness subsists for their namesake weenies, but arrive here principally for a primo rendition of the Windy City staple.

4) Surf and turf po’ boy at Roswell’s Hugo’s Oyster Bar: Hey, you got your roast beef in my shrimp. Hey, you got your shrimp in my roast beef. Two great tastes that taste great together, served on a Leidenheimer roll. It’s like being in Nawlins but with a lot fewer dislikable Saints fans.

3) Saltimbocca burger at Roswell’s Stax Burger Bar: A faux burger infiltrates the list again. A mini-me of OTP’s Flip Burger, Stax Burger Bar has an unquestioned prime attraction on them menu.

2) The Coma at Roswell’s Peach & The Pork Chop: Allow the menu to explain, “Ham, turkey, pastrami, corned beef, hot Italian sausage, fried egg, provolone, dark mustard served on a Kaiser roll.” It is among the numerous manly-sized (can we even say that anymore?) sandwiches on the copious yet fail-safe menu.

Wildflour The Seinfeld Scoop OTP sandwich list1) The pork Seinfeld at Alpharetta’s Wildflour: The pork, bread, and sage sauce are handcrafted in-house. King-sized lines are a daily occurrence long after the traditional lunch rush commemorating the excellency of the salad, soup, and sandwich kingpen. Be patient, quality presupposes. It’s worth the holding pattern for ScoopOTP’s best sandwich.

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