Tulsa King Casting Call in Atlanta

Come on – who doesn’t love some Sly Stallone?! Check out CL Casting’s call  and get yourself in a movie with Rocky himself!

Per CL Casting FB page:
Happy to announce our new project that I have been posting about. It’s a great show on Paramount. Their 2nd highest behind Yellowstone!
So for the folks that thought we were shooting a straight western here in ATL (that would never happen), sorry to break your hearts but I think this is equally exciting.
So everyone go catch up on Season 1 and lets get to Season 2

The AJC reports that Paramount+’s Sylvester Stallone-led mafia drama “Tulsa King” is moving production to Atlanta from Oklahoma. The series, in its second season, will base its operations out of Eagle Rock Studios in Norcross. The start date has not yet been released.

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