Hop Alley Brew Pub

Hop Alley/Scoop OTPGood beer, great food, and a fun atmosphere, all in one place. And it’s at Hop Alley.

Alpharetta is full of fantastic restaurants, which is one reason why it has taken us this long to try Hop Alley. Now we can’t wait to go back!

Hop Alley brews about a dozen of their own beers. They also carry a larger variety of other local beers, plus a huge selection of imports. You will not find Miller Lite here, so be prepared!

Hop Alley/Scoop OTP

They cannot sell their beer in bottles or growlers at this time, so go in and stay for a few rounds. If beer is not your thing, don’t worry. They offer a good selection of cocktails, and some that are made with their specialty infused vodkas.

As usual, we were visiting at lunch, so libations weren’t on our radar. We will definitely go back in the evening so we can partake.

Though you might think this place is only about the beer, the food was impressive. The menu had multiple items I could have ordered (not easy with my picky ways), and I already know what I’ll get on my next trip. I finally decided to go with the ranch mini-sliders on pretzel rolls and the Gouda mac and cheese with bacon.

Hop Alley/Scoop OTP

No sooner had I placed my order than a server walked by with a plate of the Wisconsin cheese curds, and I regretted not ordering them immediately. Next time!

(Side note: this counts as a “cheat day” for all of you super healthy eaters!)

Hop Alley/Scoop OTP

In addition to the cheese curds, the appetizer selection is rounded out with pork rinds, frog legs, and bacon in a jar. Yes, bacon in a jar, served with a side of peanut butter. Apparently that’s a thing. Plenty of burgers, sandwiches and salads are also available. For entrees they offer steaks, sausages, venison meatloaf and fish cakes. A little something for everyone at Hop Alley.

Hop Alley/Scoop OTPIf you enjoy craft beer and great food, you’ll love Hop Alley. Be sure to follow them on Facebook where they keep followers in the know about special beer dinners and events. And tell them Scoop sent you!

Hop Alley is located at 25 S. Main Street in Alpharetta.

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Some photos were taken from Hop Alley Brew Pub’s Facebook Page.