Red Eyed Mule

Do you watch the Food Network? I do. I find it is a great way to make everyone in the household relatively happy with the selection (see my definition of Forced Family Fun). The Food Network often spotlights restaurants all around the country, so it is no surprise that they have had episodes featuring Atlanta, and more specifically, OTP restaurants, since there are so many awesome eateries in our area.


The Red Eyed Mule in Marietta was recently featured by Alton Brown on the Food Network’s “The Best Thing I Ever Ate”. So, as a true fan of pretty much anything the Food Network suggests, I put it on my list of places to scoop.

Red Eyed MuleThe Red Eyed Mule is a very neat looking, free standing building. When you enter you are greeted promptly and can sit down wherever you like. The small but charming space really lends to the friendly atmosphere. One of the first things I spotted was a velvet, framed painting of Alton Brown! Vindication—I wasn’t crazy, he had actually been here!

Ordering is done at the cash register with the owner herself, who was super friendly and extremely efficient at her work. The menu was simple: redeyedmule1cooked to order burgers, all served on Texas toast, chicken salad, a daily special and a daily soup. Fries and onion rings for the sides. My advice is to not stray from what the Red Eyed Mule does best and order a burger (although my partner, a self proclaimed chicken salad expert did admit that it was pretty good).

The Red Eyed Mule is open for breakfast and lunch. They have what sounds like amazing breakfast biscuits served with country ham, but we were too late in the day to get one. I will have to go back for that experience for sure. (If you get the biscuits, let me know how they are!)

And you can really tell that they want you to have a great experience with their friendly and fast service, and high quality food. It definitely was memorable and different than your average restaurant. If you love a good burger, and keep a list of Food Network approved places that you have been like my family does, you really need to try them. And tell them Scoop sent you!