To Go Beverages Approved by Woodstock Council

The Woodstock city council voted 4-1 to approve an ordinance creating an “Entertainment District”. The Entertainment District Woodstocknew law will allow for patrons of the restaurants in that area to take alcoholic beverages to go in clear, 16 ounce plastic cups. Truck and Tap, Freight Kitchen, Pure, Century House, Reel and Salt Factory are just some of the restaurants that are included in this area. 

The restaurants permitted to sell to go beverages must already have a liquor license and do more than 50% of their sales on food. The ordinance prohibits beverages being sold from pop up stands, and cannot go into the park at City Center. Restaurants will also not be allowed to sell alcohol outside of their building.

This is all exciting news for the businesses that are included in the Entertainment District. Since leaving the district with a beverage will be a violation of the ordinance, it could be interesting to see if people will want to walk home with their purchased beverages. And will walking to the new amphitheater with a beverage purchased in the district be allowed?

The ordinance went into effect on March 15th, just in time for St. Patrick’s Day and several other planned spring events in Woodstock. Need a safe ride home? Take Uber, and enter code SCOOPOTP for a discount. 

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