Woodstock To Cancel Summer Concert Series

We love sharing good, positive Scoop, but sometimes there’s not-so-good news — luckily this one has a silver lining.

We are sad to report that the Woodstock City Council has decided to cancel the beloved summer concert series this year. However, the city of Woodstock, being extremely popular for said summer concert series, is building an amphitheater to house concerts in the future!

Woodstock Summer Concert Series

Construction on the amphitheater is about 60 days behind schedule, and will not be complete until November — hence the series cancellation. The council looked at several other options, including using Market Street, Elm Street Event Green or the Chambers at City Center as possible alternatives. After consideration, members decided that an alternative could lead to different frustrations in the mean time.

CPL Amphitheatre Artist Rendering 08.22.11
CPL Amphitheatre Artist Rendering 08.22.11

The good news: The amphitheater under construction has just gone vertical and you can see the progress from the street. It will consist of tiered grass seating for 5,000-6,000 people, have restrooms, a band shell and a green screen. It will be used not only for concerts, but for theater productions and other activities as well.

Woodstock City Council is also discussing some other events that could serve as alternatives to the concert series. And they have announced that they will kick off the opening of the amphitheater with a Veteran’s Day concert event in November. They have even promised a very special musical guest. 

Though we are sad that Woodstock won’t be able to have their treasured concert series this year, we are optimistic about what they have in store for residents. Stay tuned!

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This information was from the State of the City address by the Mayor of Woodstock, Donnie Henriques.