Freight Kitchen & Tap in Woodstock

After a long day admittedly spent ITP, I was ready for a beer. My boyfriend (the mastermind behind the title of this post) and I agreed that we wanted to try a new place before heading home.

Freight Kitchen & Tap came to mind. I had heard a lot about Freight. It sits right next to the old train tracks in progressive Downtown Woodstock, and is surrounded by many cute locally owned shops (including the adorable Dress Up Boutique), which I had been to often. But I had never been to Freight.

My mom had sent me a video on Facebook about Freight pairing up with Red Hare, a new brewing company in Marietta, to create a new and totally original butternut squash Farmers Harvest Ale. Knowing we already loved Red Hare’s Long Day Lager and Watership Brown Ale (which are hard to come across in OTP bars), my boyfriend and I were both excited to try this seasonal brew.

We got there and found a seat at the bar. It’s a cozy but roomy restaurant with high ceilings and comfortable bar seats (a big plus — there’s little worse than getting up and having a sore butt just from sitting).

I was scouting the beers on tap and was happy to see three different Red Hare choices, among other local craft beers (Sweetwater, Terrapin, Red Brick, and Burnt Hickory to name a few, and those were just the local choices). The bartender let us know that we could order what’s called a sampler: three 4 oz glasses of craft beer on tap. Perfect. My boyfriend ordered a 12 oz of the Farmers Harvest Ale, and I ordered the sampler of Red Hare’s Octoberfest, Long Day Lager, and Coffee Stout Ale.

Freight also has a diverse southern menu with everything from unique appetizers and fresh salads, to the “jar bar” (a mason jar filled with your choice of hummus, chutney, marmalade, and more), an entree called Homage to the Pig, a farmers veggie platter (from local farms!), chicken and waffles, and great bar food. Since we had just come from dinner, we weren’t looking to eat. But of course someone nearby ordered wings, which taunted us the entire time.

Our beers were delicious and service was great. Even if beer isn’t your thing, Freight has an attractive collection of liquor, wine, and cocktails; they’ll whip up anything you crave. We watched the bartender make specialty chocolate dessert martinis — another tease.

So if you’re looking to venture out of the normal beer choices without venturing out of the area, Freight is a good stop for all of your after dinner, happy hour, lunch time, date night, or girls’ night out desires. Stop in and tell them Scoop sent you!