Georgia Wins for Southern Hospitality

Every time my mom comes to visit, she always says “the people are sooooo nice in Georgia!” Well, she is right because according to, the state of Georgia had the most votes for the best Southern Hospitality in the South.

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According to a survey of more than 2,000 Americans, Georgia easily boasts the most Southern Hospitality in the South. The Peach State received 26 percent of the vote, followed runner-up Louisiana (17 percent), Texas (13 percent), South Carolina (8 percent), Alabama (8 percent), Tennessee (7 percent), North Carolina (5 percent), Mississippi (4 percent) and Florida (3 percent). Virginia, Kentucky, Arkansas and Oklahoma recorded just two percent each, while West Virginia finished last with just one percent of the vote.

Ironically, specializes in vacation rentals and property management service to the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Maybe they need to open a branch in the Peach State!  According to the survey, Southerners defined Southern hospitality as politeness, followed closely by good home cooking.  According to the article, people in Georgia have charm.

We always promote visiting  OTP cities for their charm. Walkability, like in historic Acworth and Woodstock’s Main street along the railroad tracks, attracts many happy visitors. Downtown Roswell draws people in with its award winning Southern food, especially their famous fried chicken at both Greenwoods and Table & Main. The City of Canton has been working on a ten year plan incorporating their “charm characteristic.” It must be working, because recently many movies have been filmed in the quaint city.

Maybe we take for granted the “Yes Sir’s and “No Ma’am’s” we hear in the grocery line or cars stopping for us so we can cross the street, but those in this survey appreciate our charm and we thank them kindly.

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