Three Chefs President’s Day Breakfast Co-Op

One day I will be POTUS. I just haven’t acquired enough skeletons in my closet thus far, but I am sure working on it. Practicing for said day, I will devour a breakfast befitting of any head of state on President’s Day, February 18. Nope, one need not be Pope, Prime Minister, President, or even a fat guy who opines, touts, and jeremiads about food for ScoopOTP.

Three of Roswell’s premier chefs, two from Gracious Plenty (Jasmin Willis and Conner Slewitzke) plus Mitch Manoloff of Mitch’s Meats will join together in the breakfast co-op of a generation. The “Three Chefs President’s Day Breakfast” will be held at Gracious Plenty, 1164 Canton Street in Roswell from 8 AM-2 PM.

Anyone who tracks my infallible unerring endorsements on Twitter (@CalVulcan) is apprised that Gracious Plenty and Mitch’s Meats are two shops all gastronomes must visit on a regular basis. Mitch’s creation will comprise star pastry rock-star chef Willis’s fresh-baked English muffin with a “Way Over the Top Eggs Benedict.” Seared Wagyu beef, poached eggs, lobster and black truffle hollandaise, will sit atop the crumpet.

If one is sampling Jasmin’s culinary talents for the first time, the go-to item is her famed biscuit. Lox, dill-cream cheese spread, salmon, cucumber, red onion, and capers. Trust me; not even a lifetime New Yorker will lament it’s not on a bagel. Slewitzke has perfected the hash brown bowl. However, for the trio’s event, he has concocted a formula, not on their regular menu. Carnitas and queso will be rounded out by cabbage, avocado, cilantro, and lime.

With three-star chefs, all with special edition items, President’s Day has instantly become my favorite national holiday. That line-up is as presidential as a meal gets. My itinerary is complete for the day: breakfast at 8:02, brunch at 11:57, and lunch at 1:42.

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