Southern Momma’s Snow Day At Home Video

Lately, the concept of a “snow day” seems to morph itself into more of a “snow week”. Of course, we want our children to be safe arriving and departing school, but this January has been rough! Darrin Knight, the Southern Momma personality, sums up many of our feelings in this video.

At least Cherokee County had some fun on Twitter in replying to students if the school would be open or not during this storm. The only good thing about school closings is maybe the flu virus will be contained!

So we’re here again. You asking me the same questions with the same misspellings. You telling me Cobb’s closed, there’s ice, it’s cold. And me with the same answer: do your homework. If a decision is made, you’ll be the first 21K on Twitter to know. Scout’s honor. I can’t believe I already need to tell you again: Don’t cuss (👀 you being sneaky). Don’t pick fights (kids AND parents). Asking me “skool tomorow?” every 5 minutes is as ineffective as “Are we there yet?” Do your homework. When I know the decision, I’ll tell you.

If it is safe to get out and about, check out some of the new indoor escape rooms like Last Chance and Mindscape.

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