Last Chance Escape Room Coming to Woodstock

Update: Now Open!

A new escape room, Last Chance Escape, is coming soon to the South Pointe at Towne Lake Shopping Center near Ken Stanton Music in Woodstock. With its location near two large, rival high schools, this escape room is sure to be a popular new attraction in the area. 

The owners, Ben Boardman and his wife Sarah Golden, are really looking forward to bringing something new and fun to the Woodstock area. Boardman said:

We did some research and saw how much Woodstock has grown and thought it would be a great place to introduce our brand of Escape Room games and become more involved in the community.

According to their website:

It’s an adventure unlike any other, where you are the hero.

Like most escape rooms, you follow the clues, solve the puzzle and discover the secrets. They have two featured games: Magic School and Brotherhood.

For Magic School, you have been accepted to the Pendergras Academy for the Magically Gifted! Finally, you get to study under some of the greatest wizards who ever lived. But something has gone terribly wrong! Evil Tim (the 2nd Greatest Wizard Alive ™) has activated the school defenses trapping all the teachers outside the Academy. You, the Pendergras students, must devise a way to deactivate the school defenses within one hour to foil Evil Tim’s horrid scheme!

For Brotherhood, Laura Townsend is at her wit’s end. Her husband has been kidnapped by Russian mobsters and the authorities have been of no help. In desperation, she has turned to you, a group of “specialists” who assist people in need. You have one hour to infiltrate the hideout of the Zokolot Brotherhood, find Laura’s husband, and cripple the organization for good!

Follow them on Facebook to find out more about their mid October opening date. You can book holiday, corporate and special events on their website now.

Last Chance Escape Games is located at 1105 Parkside Lane Suite 1300 in Woodstock.

Mindscape Escape Room off of Chastain Road is also opening soon.