Mindscape Opening in Kennesaw

Update 8-11: They were delayed a few months due to some final inspections but we are planning to officially open by the beginning of Sept.  Stay tuned for some passes that we will giveaway.

If you are a fan of escape rooms, we’ve got news for you! Mindscape is opening in Kennesaw at the Village at Townpark off of Chastain above Panera Bread Company.

Mindscape is a physical adventure game in which players solve a series of puzzles using clues, hints and strategy to complete the objectives at hand. Groups of players are given a time limit to unveil the secret plot, which is hidden within the room, and work together to find clues to escape. Mindscape is the first of its kind, and we love that owners Max and Vada Bauer chose OTP to launch his business.

One of the rooms he created is called “The Patient.” Here is an excerpt of the theme:

Ring..Ring..”Hello, Police Department how can we assist you?”
Caller: “…Hello? Yes, we need help. I am a doctor at the remote prisoner hospital outside of town and we have a serious situation. We are in the process of transporting the patients out of the facility due to the upcoming storm but one of the patients escaped. We already have a few casualities. Please send a team immediately!”
Police: “Sir, can I get your name and any information about this patient?”
Caller: “Yes, my name is…Wait I hear something.”
Police: “Sir?”
Caller: “No!..I did not do anything.  Please let me explain!..No..Noooo!”
Police: “Sir! Sir! Is there someone there with you? Are you ok? Sir!”
Caller: …..
Police: “Hello..Hello!” labored breathing is heard…call disconnects.

There will also be two other themed rooms. Bauer said that they are nearing the end of their construction phase and hope to open mid to end of May.

We love a challenge and look forward to trying it soon at 600 Chastain Rd NW, Suite 228. This sounds like some good ol’ fashioned Forced Family Fun!