Rootstock & Vine Opening Date

Update: On Thursday, September 28 at 5:00 Rootstock & Vine will open to the public with live music on the rooftop. This past Sunday, they had a reveal of their wine stave wall and Scoop OTP is featured. We are excited to be part of this iconic new restaurant in downtown Woodstock.

Update: Rootstock & Vine is one step closer to a reality, as a request for variances unanimously passed the Woodstock Planning Committee and the City Council this past week. With the backing of the city, Rootstock & Vine will begin its renovations and will aim for a July 4th opening date, according to founding partner Kevin Kino.

Rootstock & Vine, a new wine and dessert concept featuring Vintner’s Rooftop Bar, has a proposal in front of the city of Woodstock for the vacant Hot Dog Heaven location. If the building variances and permits get approved, we could have desserts, wines, and small plates overlooking the park and Amphitheater by mid-summer!

Rootstock & Vine
Artist rendering of Rootstock & Vine, courtesy of Vinter Entertainment Group, LLC

The founding partners of Vinter’s Entertainment Group LLC consists of two local couples partnering together: Sean and Anna Daily (current owners of Legacy Mechanical) and Kevin Kino and Vince Monroe (current owners of The Gifted Ferret in the Towne Lake area of Woodstock.) In an exclusive interview with us, Kino said that he is excited to bring high quality, low production wines to the area. As he stated:

This new Wine and Dessert bar will specialize in low production artisan wines of unique varietals and blends that simply can’t be found in other locations.

In addition to wine, Rootstock & Vine will obtain a liquor license and feature upscale bourbons — something Kino feels is missing from the area.

Last year, Waffle House withdrew its application for that same space. Kino said he wants to work with The City to make that corner iconic for decades to come. Their intent is to preserve the turn of the century building but modernize the space. Plans have been in place to tear down the building next to Hot Dog Heaven for a left hand turn lane and Kino will be part of that process. He said:

We are working closely with the City of Woodstock to truly present our community with a new iconic corner that all residents can be proud of while visiting downtown. Our plans are to preserve the original building while expanding the building to the back of the property while keeping the historical look.

They are awaiting the dates of the public hearing so the people can be informed and then special board meetings follow; but Kino feels like if he can get the permits and variances he needs to maintain the integrity of the structure, it’s a win-win for the area.

The sale is not finalized yet and they need approval by the Woodstock Planning Commission and Woodstock City Council before construction can begin, but Kino said the first public hearing went well.

Hopefully soon we can enjoy wine flights and dessert pairings, including their grand handmade truffles. They will also be a retail location for wines and desserts for take home or those on the go. 

Michelle and I have been saying for years, we just need a place to go and grab a dessert, so we think this is a great concept for downtown Woodstock. He better have serious chocolate options on that menu!

Located at 8558 Main Street in Woodstock, Georgia.
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