Hot Dog Heaven & More

Owned by Chicago natives, Hot Dog Heaven‘s specialty is (big surprise here) The Chicago Style dog. Said to be “dragged through the garden,” a Chicago dog is topped with onion, a pickle spear, tomato slices, sport peppers, yellow mustard and a dash of celery salt. Hot Dog Heaven also serves Italian Beef, corn dogs, and burgers. They have two OTP locations — one in Woodstock, and one in the food court of Town Center Mall.


In Cartersville, Ross’ Diner has (according to a trusted Scoop source) the best hot dogs. Opened in 1945, Ross’ Diner serves family recipes including biscuits and gravy and pancakes and grits for breakfast; homemade chili to top burgers and hot dogs for lunch. There are a couple of other choices as well if you don’t do burgers or dogs.

Brandi’s World Famous Hot Dogs located in Marietta and Cartersville. We visited the Marietta location with four other taste testers with us (this could also qualify as Forced Family Fun, depending on who you ask). Don’t be fooled by the

hotdogs3somewhat shabby appearance — they take their hot dogs very seriously at Brandi’s! Their bright red hot dogs come topped with mustard, slaw and onions, unless you change it up. The chili is very good, but a bit spicy so order accordingly. It was a great, traditional hot dog joint experience; all of our testers were very pleased. And if dogs aren’t your thing, they have burgers, fries and onion rings available as well.

Mustard’s Last Stand is the newest of all the Hot Dog eateries we found.  It’s located on Arnold Mill Road in Woodstock, and you could zip right by it if you aren’t paying attention!  We are glad we noticed it though and stopped in.  Mustard’s Last Stand has a big menu with a variety of hot dogs, but many other great choices too if you just aren’t there for a dog.  We were pleasantly surprised, and of course, love the name!


Another note about all of these hot dog joints: most have breakfast and lunch only hours — we made special trips, and it was worth it! I guess when your hot dogs are this good, you can be open for lunch only!

Let us know if we have missed any other famous hot dog joints OTP. We have many wiling volunteers to go with us and Scoop them out!

This article was first written in 2013. Just redated so it would be current since timely for hot dog day!