Own a Part of Rootstock & Vine’s Memorial Wall

If you have ever “bought a brick” to honor someone or be a part of a building’s history; here’s an exciting opportunity to claim a stake in downtown Woodstock with a personalized wine stave on Rootstock & Vine’s memorial wall.

You can purchase a wine stave for Rootstock & Vine’s Memorial Wall in Downtown Woodstock.

Since inception, Rootstock & Vine has placed community and preservation at the heart of their mission. As the owners start the transformation and conservation of the last standing historical building on the Northwest corner of Main Street and Towne Lake Parkway, they invite you to become part of the future of Downtown Woodstock, while helping them preserve a piece of its history.

They are building a memorial wall celebrating this exciting time as downtown Woodstock continues to grow and develop. With the removal of the Lester Building that has housed the long-standing Woodstock mural, making room for a new left turn lane, they sought to preserve the spirit of the mural. Rootstock & Vine will offer a personalized wine stave wall, that will be proudly displayed high atop Vintner’s Rooftop creating a new landmark for the community, and an icon in Downtown Woodstock.

A 6 ft. high and 20 ft. long wall will be erected on Vintner’s Rooftop, which will be constructed of oak wine barrel staves. Each stave is 36” long and will be sold to individuals or local business owners. A third of a stave will cost $100. A half stave cost of $150 or $250 for a full stave (amount of characters are limited by size of stave). The stave will have the inscription of your choice burnt into the wood. This would make a wonderful and unique gift or a great conversational piece for you and your friends while visiting Rootstock & Vine in the heart of downtown. It’s sure to make you smile when you see your inscription on the wall, knowing that your contribution helps to save and restore a historic building in the lovely downtown area.

Their new logo and rendering of Rootstock & Vine Downtown Woodstock.

There are several options available if you’d like to make a more substantial contribution to their redevelopment project or you have a local business or corporation and would like a unique advertising option. They are offering a limited opportunity for corporate level sponsorships which include the options of a barrel planter and resting bench. Information will be on their website soon with the specific details, ask questions, and/or reserve your place in history. You can also contact The Gifted Ferret and ask for Kevin Kino. Don’t delay, buy your piece of the history today!

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