Putter Pong Game

83edc0_d3606e426502464fb6c080f9673680b0If you love golf, games, fun, beer and more, then Putter Pong might be one of the hottest new games on the market for you this holiday season. Plus, I’m pretty sure you only need a sub-par miniature golf skill level to play!  For the week of December 15th-December 20th, enter to win one from Scoop OTP.

Developed by Kennesaw State University students and fraternity brothers Matthew Bravo and Stosh Cohen, after their friend had the idea while tailgating at a Braves game.

The great thing about Putter Pong is that, even though it’s large, it folds up into a compact carrying case that’s just a little larger than a messenger bag or briefcase — and that’s great for tailgating, beach trips and more! In fact, the biggest obstacle was designing the product. It took a lot of time, effort, and money to get the product design just right so that it’s both practical and fun.

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It started off with them just making one for themselves, but everyone loved to play it, and so began their business. You can pre-order a Putter Pong game for $79.00. Don’t be fooled into thinking it’s just a game for college kids — it’s for everyone! Kids as young as 3 years old love this game, as does the older crowd. Women, men, boys and girls alike enjoy the challenge. I personally can’t wait to play it, and I think it will make a fun gift, too.13924864_2075459079344900_7650070607489125851_n

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If at any point our manufacturer can’t keep up, the owners will make sure that it is clear that any orders beyond a specified point will not be in for the December holidays. They are excited about their November inventory, and pre-orders have been strong. Check out their Koozies too if you partake in the drinking version of the game!

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My guess is we will soon see this game at OTP retail stores, as they already had a meeting with the Southern Proper team!