MADE Kitchen & Cocktails

made kitchen & cocktails alpharettaWe’ve been following Chris Sedgwick’s newest downtown Alpharetta restaurant from the beginning, and we are super excited to have finally enjoyed lunch at MADE Kitchen & Cocktails.

MADE Kitchen & Cocktails is beautifully designed and hand crafted from century old cotton mill beams from the Easley Street Mill in South Carolina, along with steel and polished concrete. The covered patio is nestled into a landscaped nook directly off the city sidewalk and enclosed with champagne riddling rack ‘shutters’ that spin open or closed to allow a glimpse of the city streets and embrace the weather.

They have a wine rack cut out of steel tubes that Chris and his GM Chase Godfrey personally made. The lights are all artisan crafted, the whole feel of the restaurant is beautifully done by complementing the rustic woods with the modern steel — a perfect blend of industrial architecture that creates a chic downtown vibe.

made kitchen & cocktails

In fact, we know from our visit to Vinny’s on Windward that Chris Sedgwick pours his heart into both the design and the menu of each one of his restaurant creations. When you walk in to MADE, stacks of fresh-cut hickory and red oak firewood greet you (which are then used to cook your meal!) as well as a larger-than-life painting of a buffalo named Chorizo by OTP artist Myott Williams.

Oh yes — I am sure you want to know about the food, too!

MADE offers Spanish cuisine and tapas. We enjoyed braised short rib croquettes, patatas bravos (think spicy & fancy home fries), goat cheese-stuffed piquillo peppers, and the shrimp and chicken salads. But the best part is that you can put together your own delicious meat and cheese sampler boards to try!


Leslie Avers, their maketing director said,

“MADE’s Spanish inspired menu is chef driven.  Small plate tapas and high quality Spanish ingredients center around the hardwood parilla grill.  Chef Tim Agee leads the enthusiastic kitchen staff with his passion for all things cured, fresh and pickled and the dishes deliver the authentic tastes of Spain.”

When I return for dinner with my husband (who is going to LOVE this place), I’m totally going to try their grilled oysters, skirt steak, paella, and their specialty sangria!

MADE SangriaMADE Mussels

The manager Chase was as nice as can be, and I spotted something that would have earned me a free sample drink upon inquiry, so all I am saying is look around and you might get lucky too!

We also liked that they were adjecent to a city parking lot for easy entry.  Once in Alpharetta, you might also enjoy Sis & Moon’s artisan gift store or a visit to Top Golf. We also love another Sedgwick restaurant, Bistro VG in Roswell that is beautifully designed for a romantic dinner or a great girl’s lunch.

(We ate at MADE with the ladies from the Alpharetta Business & Visitor’s Convention — aka Awesome Alpharetta — who shared great Scoop with us about Alpharetta, which we will share in future articles!)

45 Roswell Street Alpharetta, GA 30009 (770) 452.6233