Vinny’s On Windward

imagesVinny’s on Windward is another successful restaurant by the Sedgwick Group, which also owns Scoop Approved Theo’s Bakery. We were part of the “power lunch” crowd that Vinny’s is known for due to its location in the busy business area of Windward parkway.

Our first impression was simply: Wow. The height of the ceilings, the hand-crafted wood tables, the display of wine bottles on the bar and the outside patio area were all impressive. Due to the open space and high ceilings, the restaurant has a vibrant atmosphere.

We were fortunate to meet Leslie Avers, the marketing director of the Sedgwick Group, and got the 10565007_10152652669991468_3965340813858404991_nScoop on the restaurant, the company, and affectionately referred to by others as the King & Queen of OTP, Christopher Sedgwick and Michele Sedgwick.

Vinny’s is the more casual counterpart to Bistro VG (formerly Van Gogh’s) on Highway 92. Leslie explained that Chris is a go-getter who self taught himself every aspect of the restaurant business and loves building a concept from the ground up, while Michelle’s energy and brilliant ideas takes the restaurant to the next level. For more information on Chris, read this great Open Tables article.

As we all know, if the food isn’t good, none of the fluff matters — but the food is good! We aren’t food critics by any means, in fact at that meeting, we dubbed ourselves the fun critics! We want the best of both worlds — a good time with great food.

I enjoyed the zuppa di pesce, a seafood soup, and tonno con pinzimonio, rare seared big eye tuna 10291693_10152777692081468_5575698610993232212_nsalad, pinzimonio vegetables, reggiano parmigiano and lime. There was something crunchy that made that salad really unique and tasty. We also tasted the popular tortelloni di vitella, handmade veal & cremini mushroom stuffed pasta, buttered spinach, parmigiano, rosemary-red wine & balsamic jus.

The bread and desserts are from Theo’s Bakery, and it took all our will power to just have a sample. We enjoyed the torta frangipane di pere, a pear frangipane tart served with bourbon caramel ice cream — which was delicious — and the biscotti, a combination of pistachio and golden raisin and chocolate dried cherry biscotti cookies with fresh berries.

The combination of food and atmosphere keep their loyal patrons returning, and entice new customers to check it out. Next time you are in the Alpharetta area, check Vinny’s on Windward out and there’s a good chance you will meet Christopher’s mom who keeps the restaurant in check like any mom would do!

Disclaimer: We split our restaurant bill with Leslie Avers and we did receive the pear dessert complimentary. 

5355 Windward Pkwy
Alpharetta, Georgia
Closed Sat & Sunday for lunch.