Ice Cream Abundance

Is it just us, or are there quite a few new ice cream shops opening up around town? Rolled, shaved, nitrogen-infused and small batch are all the rage it seems. We love frozen treats as much as the next guy, but we can’t possibly try all of these! Let us know if you have visited any — we’ll officially Scoop them as soon as we can. For now, here’s the list of the newest ice cream additions OTP.

8° Fahrenheit: Buford HWY, Duluth and Cumming. One of the newest trends in frozen desserts is Thai-fried ice cream. Pick your flavor and up to 3 toppings, and enjoy this chilly treat that has to be a 8° Fahrenheit to freeze and rolled to perfection.

Snowville Shavery: Roswell. Shaved Snow is a cross between ice cream and traditional shaved ice. Try this new dessert spot for shaved snow, bubble tea, macaroons and macaroon ice cream sandwiches. Plenty of unique toppings too.IC Hot

IC Hot: Kennesaw. Opened by a Kennesaw State Graduate, IC Hot specializes in rolled, Asian ice cream, Acai bowls and warm Asian buns.

Frozen Cow Creamery: Kennesaw. Infused with Nitrogen, this ice cream is handmade, wholesome and mixed to order in a unique and chilling way!

Butter & Cream: Roswell. As an OTPer, nothing is more exciting than when a Butter & Cream Roswell hip, ITP business opens up in one of our suburbs. Butter and Cream is a handmade, small batch ice creamery in Decatur that is opening a second location in Roswell. With only the finest ingredients, they create yummy flavors like Salted Caramel and Sunday Brunch.

Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream: Alpharetta. The Ohio-born frozen delicacy that has been an ITP treat for year is making it’s way to the ‘burbs this spring with Phase II of Avalon.

You won’t have to wait until summer — these frozen treats are good year round. Let us know if you have already enjoyed any of them!