Frozen Treats OTP

Widely acknowledged as one of the coolest male writers for ScoopOTP (at least when it comes to food stuff) the searing summer decrees I must review the best frozen treat options OTP. Remember the froyo craze? Me either, but let’s review some of the best OTP iced up concoctions.

Mr. Tino’s Ice-Cream: Stationed in the food court of the Latin Plaza, homemade ice cream is the prime allure of this obscure godsend. Geared towards a Mexican clientele, expect a lot of fruit flavors, which includes chunks of such produce.

It would be an understatement to say it helps to habla espanol. At some point, I will have to partake in the queso ice cream.

King of Pops Scoop OTPKing of Pops: Yes, they are based firmly ITP, but their carts doling out homemade popsicles are as ubiquitous OTP as Santa Claus in December. One would be hard-pressed to find a suburban family-friendly popular festival without the $3 pep pop merchant. Nouveau flavors such as pineapple habanero and coconut lemongrass are more the rule, but traditional concoctions such as cookies n’ cream are interspersed as well.

SnoBayou: Don’t dare call them snow cones. The snoballs are an unmistakably higher quality. Much finer ice than snow cones and topped with organic syrup fresh fruits, it’s not a shocker to witness the business continuing to blossom.

High Road Ice Cream Scoop OTP

High Road Craft Ice Cream: I’ve consumed Graeter’s, Bassetts, and McConnell’s among other great regional ice creams. The paramount brand on earth is, beyond reproach, High Road Craft Ice Cream based out of Marietta, GA.

Before you express cynicism, shut your mouth. Then open it and insert some bourbon burnt sugar ice cream into your pie hole. Warning: be ready for a life-changing experience. Graeter’s is great but I can’t take the high road because High Road is greater than Graeter’s.

SunO Dessert: “The Asian dessert of Atlanta,” or Duluth to be more specific. Another example of don’t-call-it-a-snow-cone, milky shaved ice with one’s choice of toppings, makes this unique treat a worthy destination.

Caffe Antico: Formally Caffe Gio, the suburban outpost of Giovanni Di Palma’s famed gelato is more pleasing to the taste buds than it is to the wallet.

Freeze Cream Scoop OTPFreeze Cream: Young entrepreneurs Douglas Young and Nicole Rasmussen bring the fashionable Thai ice cream roll to the US. Soon to be all-the-rage, the trailblazers are available for private events but can be found at public ones as well.

Ice cream is literally made in front of your eyes, to your flavor desires, then served in thin, frozen rolls. Pro tip: get the whole milk/coconut milk combo as a base, with your choice of toppings.

Bahamas Bucks: The only Georgia outpost of the national chain is located OTP, presenting the Bahamian version of shaved ice with seemingly endless options of flavors.

Four Fat Cows Scoop OTP

Four Fat Cows: Their exclusive recipes are outsourced to local ice cream purveyor Greenwoods. Traditional flavors and creative sundaes abound.

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