IC Hot in Kennesaw

IC Hot in Kennesaw

Our daughters told Michelle and me about IC Hot, Asian Ice Cream and Snacks in Kennesaw. So, of course on the coldest day of winter break, I gave into the begging.

This ice cream experience is different than a normal shop as they create your flavor in front of you, so that takes some time (we went after 8pm and the line was out the door!). It’s kinda similar to Cold Stone Creamery but not exactly.

IC Hot was founded by Kennesaw State University grad Wei Huang. He wanted to open shop near his alma mater. He said,

I noticed there wasn’t much selection in terms of cultural food diversity. I wanted others to experience something unique and fun; we believe our ice cream offers that combination.

IC HOT asks customers the question, “hot or cold?” Choose between Asian Ice cream, acai bowls, and warm dessert buns. If you are new to ice cream rolls, an ice cream artist will spread the ice cream you choose over an icy plate. You choose a base, and the artist will roll it up with your favorite creamy flavor.

The ice cream is rolled in a cup and you choose the toppings you want. Served with a spoon, and maybe a little sundae sauce, you can enjoy a new style of ice cream. My daughter loved the peanut butter (which was Jif the day we went!) and chocolate. I had vanilla, banana, and Nilla Wafers mixed together. It was a lot of ice cream rolls – maybe 5 in a cup plus the toppings!

Another option is the Acai bowl. It has been known as a superfood from Brazil, as they are well known for an array of health benefits and rich in antioxidants. An acai bowl is like a thick smoothie that will fill your stomach and curve your craving for sweets. It is topped off with your favorite fruits.

IC Hot Acai Bowl

Finally, you can also enjoy Asian Steamed buns. They date back thousands of years and are deeply rooted in the Chinese culture. They come in different sizes and are served in a variety of cuisines throughout the Asian culture. The most surprising element that comes from the buns is when you take a bite — the fillings inside come in different flavors.

Scoop Tip: By special request, they can prepare for a peanut-allergy-free station. It might take a bit longer if they’re busy, but they will do it!

Located in Kennesaw at 4290 Bells Ferry Rd Suite 122 in the Publix Shopping Center.

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