Eagle Rock Distributing Company

Recently, we were invited to a beverage industry trade show at Eagle Rock Distributing Company, where we were able to learn about and try some of the new brands of beverages that they are going to be representing around town. Let’s just say, we only had to be asked once before we said, “Yes, we can fit an alcohol trade show into our schedule!”

There were more than 100 brands represented, but here are a few local companies that caught our attention. We look forward to their future OTP distribution.

left nut brewingLeft Nut Brewing is coming fall of 2015 to Gainesville, GA in the historic Chicopee Mill area. Of course, we had to inquire about the name. I paraphrase, but the owner said he would give his “left one” to own a brewery. Check out their website for the full story!

We tried a few of their beers and look forward to their opening and distribution. I imagine their shirts will be a hit! Follow their Facebook page for the latest updates.

JC Bull Dog Hard Cider is coming to the market with Hard Cider and Hard Peach Cider, which are both gluten free! Made in Cleveland, GA, Bull dog hard ciderJC Bulldog Hard Cider is bold and full of attitude.

Even though JC Bull Dog is not officially connected to UGA, but rather just for the love of bull dogs, I think they’ll gain a UGA fan following. Follow their Facebook page for the latest news and distribution so you can take home a new “dog!” As their saying goes: Live long, eat like a cat, and drink like a dog!

We enjoyed seeing and sampling the tequilas, wines, and more from all over the world. There was Ol’ Major Bacon Bourban, Talero Tequila, and Ginskey Gin. Richland Rum, made in Richland, is Georgia’s only artisan rum distillery and they offer tour and tastings if you find yourself in their neck of the woods.

We also met ITP’s Monday Night Brewing, whose name ironically was derived from a Monday night men’s church group — not Monday night football!

GO_Can_with_Coconuts_largeEagle Rock also distributes non alcoholic drinks too. We tried multiple energy drinks and found out Go Energy‘s founder is from Woodstock. The funny thing was, we had just featured their marketing director in an other non-related article about a movie he invests in. They have one flavor of Go Energy that provides energy, hydration, vitamins, and antioxidants. Go Energy is available in Kroger, gas stations, and CrossFit Gyms around town. Follow them on Facebook for the latest news.

For those of you with a connection to Georgia Southern, you may be familiar with Eagle Creek Brewing Company in Statesboro. Of course we saw OTP staples Jekyll, Red Hare and Reformation brewery! We really enjoyed our experience seeing so many great local brands, but after our exciting day, what did we load up on? We filled our totes with Nesquick samples for our kids!

It was also cool to get a glimpse of Eagle Rock’s Movie Studio that is right next door to the distribution center. Go ATLwood!

Special thanks to Bizwire for adding us to the guest list.

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