The Butcher and Bottle Rolls Out New Menu

The Butcher and Bottle Scoop OTPLast March, we announced that The Butcher and Bottle was opening in Canton. Now we have the Scoop on their menu changes and their new weekend specials, too!

Their “Weekend Primer” is half price on weekends from 3:30 to 6:30 with a mix of Fire and Ice. The “fire” is sriracha shrimp or habanero hot wings, and the “ice” is a draft craft beer or southern mule. (Rumor is that Reformation Brewery is also going to be making a special The Butcher and Bottle draft!) So head over there and “heat things up and then cool it down!”

The Butcher and Bottle will now locally source their meat from Revere Meat Co and will offer two 4oz Filet Medallions ($20) and an 8oz Ribeye Heart ($21), along with other bone-in and strip selections. I can’t wait to try their Kobe Flank Steak!

Butcher and the Bottle Scoop OTPThey are also adding a Brie & Apple Chicken Sandwich ($13), and a Tuna & Watermelon Salad ($16), which is gluten free with sushi grade yellow fin tuna. Other additions include a Marinated Shrimp Salad Appetizer ($8), and Sloppy John Fries, which may be replacing the Poutine fries.

Owner and Chef Seth Hendricks said he is still working out some of the kinks, but is excited to debut the new menu (which even has even more items than we mentioned!) this weekend.

For fans of their risotto and quinoa: don’t worry! They still have it on the menu, but it does appear that the recipes are tweaked. Since I have gotten the risotto at least five times, I am hopeful the new recipe will be just as delicious.

The kids menu is still $4, which is quite a bang for the buck!Scoop OTP butcher and bottle

So stop in to check out the new menu, and tell Seth you heard about it from Scoop OTP!

P.S. I am obsessed with this phone charger that they have on the bar.  A woman with a charged phone is a happy woman (and may stay longer to drink!)

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