Cuban Restaurants

Growing up in South Florida, I was exposed to a lot of Cuban food. I have been remiss in eating Cuban food except for my repeated dining at the very popular and casual Papi’s Cuban and Carribean Grill. Being one of the largest Cuban chains around town, Papi’s has many locations throughout the Atlanta area, even one in the airport! Their OTP location is in Kennesaw at 745 Chastain Road.

Our food contributor Joe Duffy came across a new place that opened February 11 in John’s Creek called Havana Tropical. Havana Tropical’s recipes share spices and techniques with Spanish cooking and with some Caribbean influence in spice and flavor. Joe has it on his long list of restaurants to try for us, so stay tuned for his yay or nay! Joe highly recommends Tortugas Cuban Grill in Peachtree Corners; it’s already Scoop Approved and he also claims that Mojito’s in Norcross has the best cuban sandwich around.

Recently, my husband enjoyed lunch at Mambo’s Cafe in Alpharetta, which brings a taste of Cuba in a casually elegant atmosphere. He wants us to go back and officially “Scoop It” for a full blown recommendation. He went with his South American friend who gave it two thumbs up, so I am going to assume he knows Cuban and Spanish flavors better than me, making it one to try soon. Mambo’s recently moved to a new location on 4915 Windward Parkway.

Roswell is home to Lazaro’s Cuban Cuisine known for family recipes and has been a staple in downtown Roswell at 25 Woodstock Road. Many of my friends have enjoyed this restaurant over the years, so now we just need to visit that one too!

Atlanta Magazine recently named Smyrna’s Porch Light Latin Kitchen as part of their Top 50 restaurant list praising Rathbun Steak’s former executive chef Andre Gomez, as he draws on his Puerto Rican heritage and serves a beer-can chicken burrito, a bacon and brisket torta, and sofrito mac and cheese with pork rind crumbs. Sounds yummy to me!

Last year, I took Michelle to Tropical Pollo as she had never been. We enjoyed a healthy lunch and brought dinner home to our families with their meal plans options. This is a great drive-thru consideration when you are tired after a long day and don’t want to cook, but want a healthier choice for dinner.

Let us know your favorite Cuban restaurant so we can add it to our list to try!  Follow us on Facebook for the latest Scoop OTP.