Crabapple Development Progressing

Just like so many of the charming OTP towns that we have written about, Crabapple is looking to develop its downtown with more parks, paths, retail and office space. The Milton Planning Commission has approved the Placemaking Plan as a longterm vision for the area.

Most of this development is proposed within the northwest and northeast sections of the intersection of Crabapple Road, Birmingham Highway, Mayfield Road and Broadwell Road. reports that the entire plan includes four parks, bike paths to encourage biking and reduce traffic, office space, retail space and space for town homes and single family homes.

Owner and Executive Chef Todd Hogan of neighboring restaurant Indigo told us that he is excited by the growth in Crabapple. His restaurant provides one of the best views of the new mercantile building across the street, as well as some of the best cocktails OTP.

Crabapple is already home to some of our favorite restaurants and shops, so it will be very exciting to see this new development unfold.