The Reviews Are In: 5 New OTP Restaurants

How far have the dining possibilities advanced OTP? The top-shelf, sparkling new — as in months old (or less) — options are more abundant today than cumulative options available when I migrated my home chomping grounds to Roswell/Alpharetta 13 years ago.

Foremost of the shiny new restaurants include:

Branch and Barrel Scoop OTP1. Branch & Barrel

Avalon in Alpharetta has an anchor restaurant courtesy of James Beard recognized chef Todd Hogan. House-made and cured meats and a glorious corn fried lobster sandwich are complimented with craft cocktails and draught offerings faithful to Georgia breweries.

A la his perished-by-fire Canton Street pioneering restaurant Indigo, Hogan presents a perfect balance of unique dishes, yet familiar enough for the less adventurous.

2. Krespos Grill

A seafood lover’s best-kept secret is in Roswell. Diners can select their fresh fish right out of the display case. Landlubbers are bequest of several opportunities as well. The barely noticeable building is ensconced among several authentic carnicerias, taquerias, and supermercados. Hence the area is ripe for Latin no-frills “ethnic” goldmines. However, Krespos’ exterior belies the more upscale casual atmosphere. We gastronomes plead for this foodie pay dirt to be furtive no more.

Annabelle's Table Scoop OTP3. Anabelle’s Table

Husband and wife team Scott and Anabelle Parry fetch a combined half-century of culinary chops. Their red deer Texas style chili sets the standard (though Cincinnati Skyline loyalists may take umbrage) for any method of chili in the Alpharetta area.

Much like Branch & Barrel, the bill of fare is neither clichéd nor unfamiliar to the meekest palate.

4. Mitch’s Meats & Fish

Part butcher, baker, and sandwich maker. Located in Roswell, Mitch’s homemade sausage will entrance even discerning Patak’s loyalists.

The meat market doubles as a take-out only lunch restaurant, complete with soup and sandwich selections. More traditional chili fans may declare “Katie’s Chili” to be supreme. Even those not married to a style will regard it as ultra-competitive with the aforesaid Anabelle’s.

Lean, yet highly gratifying, and a truly “NY stuffed” corned beef sandwich is among the lunch-only menu items.

Tortuga's Cuban Grill Scoop OTP5. Tortugas Cuban Grill

Located in a timeworn, mostly abandoned shopping center just east of the Holcomb Bridge Road and Jimmy Carter Boulevard split is one of metro’s most impressive Cuban restaurants.

Ham croquettes, Cuban sandwich, and ropa vieja are among the best north of South Florida this tummy has ever devoured. As is the case with Krespos, don’t allow the draggled environs deter and deprive you of this hidden gem.

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