Marietta Wine Market & More

Marietta Wine Market is more than your local wine store. Not only do they offer a great selection of wine (500 different wines and beer choice from around the world), strong wine knowledge and education for the consumer, plus tastings twice a week. But Marietta Wine Market also sponsors local charities with each tasting event, and they keep the community involved by sending out a newsletter featuring their wine tastings and all other local events on the square.

Store owners Randall and Karen Heard, plus their friendly dog Bentley, are the heartbeat of downtown Marietta. This hometown attitude of investing in their community, charities, and their knowledge of wine has kept this business growing and expanding sine May 2005.

The inviting store with it’s high ceilings and local art is perfect if you have tons of wine knowledge — or none. The owners will help you select the perfect bottle at your price point. They also have cheese, jams, and crackers you can purchase to compliment your selection. The wine selection is priced for you to enjoy and drink!

Twice a week the store hosts wine tasting events: Wednesday 5-7 pm and Saturday 2-4 pm. You can relax at the bar or on a cushioned couch or chair while you taste, learn about wine, and meet new friends. Complimentary hors d’oeuvres are served at the tastings and donation proceeds go to local charities.

The store also organizes trips up to wine country in North Georgia and overseas. This year’s wine trip is to Spain and Portugal, and a beer tasting trip is planned to Ireland. They love to feature boutique wines, especially those made in North Georgia. They also have big local wine tastings.

Check out their apparel, wine gifts, candles and more. I am a sucker for all those wine napkins with the cute sayings like, “Merlot, Chardonnay, Cabernet, and Pino are the four main food groups.”

And have you ever heard of Craft Beer flavored ice cream? They have it. Adults only please!

So for great wine, gifts, and gourmet foods, stop by the Marietta Wine Market and tell them Scoop sent you. Ask for Bentley’s pick of the day!