Vino-Eco Candles

Did you just finish a bottle of your favorite wine? Do you want a reason to finish a bottle of your favorite wine? (We know you do.) Pour yourself a glass, because Vino-Eco Candle Company recycles old bottles of wine and turns them into beautiful candle keepsakes.

Vino-Eco Candle Company was started in 2010 when Bonny Tillman, a then part-time employee at the Oak Barrel in Acworth, received some wine bottle candles from the Oak Barrel’s owner. But Bonny was disappointed with the quality. She and her husband James decided they could make a better product; they researched bottle sanding and how to make candles, and so the business was uncorked!

The candles range in size from medium ($22) and tall ($27). You can bring special request bottles to the stores close to you, or if you live further away, you can ship them. Vino-Eco does warn that bottles can break during the cutting process, so there is a slight risk in using your own bottles, but  they are as careful as possible to make the best product.

Bonny and James sort through lots of labels to find the most unique ones. The Cupcake Chardonnay bottle has had 18,000 views on Etsy, and has been pinned on Pinterest and through interior decorator websites all the way up in New York.  Bonny thinks the simple, clean label, the inexpensive price point, and the cute name makes it an interesting bottle and big seller.

Customers choose labels based on a favorite name, favorite animal, favorite wine, or something they drank for a special occasion.  They love recycling something that was thrown in the trash into a practical and beautiful treasure, and what’s even better is that the candles can be refilled over and over!

Bonny and James use 100% soy wax — the cleanest burning wax on the market. As far as scents go, they use the highest quality fragrances. Fig is the best-selling overall, but Vino-Eco also features seasonal scents. In the Fall, Apple & Oak is most popular, and in the summer, customers love Sun & Sand.

The original owner of the Oak Barrel was the first one to carry their products. Since then, Vino-Eco Candle Company has spread from their hometown in Acworth to all over OTP and five other states too.

Many OTP stores have great choices in stock, and there are even more choices online at Vino-Eco’s Etsy store.

Vino-Eco has had many great success stories. One favorite example is when they created a candle for a 50th wedding anniversary from the original wedding night wine bottle.

So go turn that trash into treasure!