What is an Outback Grill?

Outback Grills™ announces the launch of the Explorer 300, a compact yet sturdy grill with multiple uses. Doubling as both a fire pit and grill, it’s ideal for those living ITP with limited outdoor space. Portable, lightweight and easy to assemble, it’s also a must-have for those seeking outdoor adventures OTP.

The Explorer 300 was developed here in Georgia by outdoor enthusiast Steve McGuinness. As a grill, the open-fire, over-sized cooking surface appeals to the most discriminating foodie, while the sturdy, contained fire pit will safely serve as the centerpiece for warmth and laughter well into the night. “The Explorer 300 appeals to anyone seeking the simple pleasures of life, loves the great taste of grilled foods and enjoys that campfire camaraderie with friends and family” McGuinness says.

The Explorer 300, with 300-square inches of cooking surface, telescoping legs and other adjustable features, is perfect for anyone who wants a lightweight but sturdy grill/firepit that’s easy to fold up and store. The adjustable cooking surface allows outdoor chefs to control both the heat and height of the grill. Perfect for city dwellers with limited space and outdoor adventurers who desire an alternative to low-to-the-ground firepits and rusty grills that may or may not be available.

Made of high-carbon steel, the Explorer 300 has a patented design and a five-year warranty. The sturdy product is easy to assemble, clean, pack, transport and store back in the camper, RV, car or home. The Explorer 300 burns any kind of fuel, from charcoal briquettes or lump charcoal to hardwood logs.

The Explorer 300 Fire Pit/Grill retails for $199. For more information about Outback Grills and the Explorer 300, please visit www.outback-grills.com

The Explorer 300 – By the Numbers

  • 300 square inches of direct, open-fire cooking surface

  • 21-inch sitting height

  • 35-inch standing height

  • 20-inch basin

  • 22 pounds

  • 5-year warranty

  • Design patented in the USA