Upcoming Projects or Remodel?

Written by decorator Aimee Parscale from Status by Aimee.

Decorations are taken down. Kids are back in school. House is deep cleaned from holiday guests. Check, Check and Check! Does this sound like a familiar bucket list at your home?

I know for many of my clients that January is a time to get together as a family and decide what the New Year is going to hold for any upcoming “projects “ that need to be done. On the one hand, the women want to get straight to the creative part, color selections, shopping for the new accent pieces, adding accessories, and more.

On the other hand, we have the men! They want to know how long they are going to be without a kitchen or how long they are sleeping in the basement. I always love the first of the year meetings. The best part of my job is listening. Seriously though, in the end of the meeting and requests, it is my job to make sense to bring “Women + Man” together.

My advice is start with a list. This list needs to have a side for wishes and a side for necessity. I will be the first to say that necessity always wins. When looking at the list, try to remember that your house is a structure and if you take care of the bones on a regular basis, this keeps things from being overwhelming and cost to a minimum.

It is also important to have order. Order will keep cost from soaring and reworking areas that only needed attention once.

Scheduling seems to always be the question that gets a fair amount of attention, because trying to find the best schedule for everyone in the family can sometimes be a task. My advice when looking is to consider times of the year that are not already stressful enough without adding a remodel. This is so important, we want our homes to look our best when company comes a calling, but remodeling comes with its share of “additional items that need to be added or fixed.” This can cause the projects to last longer than expected, and can throw the schedules off. When planning, allow time for the remodeling delays. No one wants the stress of having to get it done the day before a big event. Build in some cushion time for unforeseen delays.

Lastly, try to look at your soul mate with an open mind. No, I’m not a therapist but I have seen over the years that sometimes we want so badly what we want, its very hard to see our mates side of things. Sharing a remodel can be hard. Take a deep breath, relax and enjoy the journey together.




Aimee has been in the interior design industry for over 15 years and owned design firms in both Woodstock and Atlanta Georgia. Aimee has achieved her ASID in Interior Design and has been recognized by the National Association for Professional Women as well as serving as  an active participate in serving as a Featured Designer for the Junior Service League of Woodstock Christmas Homes Tour for over 5 years. Visit Status by Aimee for more information.