Feel Like A New You With NuMe

The art of cold-press soap making is anything but new, and surely you’ve seen handmade soaps in your local boutiques. But NuMe All Natural Soap will definitely catch your eye, as it did mine while out “Scooping” some local shops.

NuMe owners Dianne and Marie met while working together at a boutique in Milton, GA. The atmosphere of their workplace lent to their creative and artistic sides, and shortly after that NuMe was born.

NuMe soaps are made in the old fashioned cold-pressed method, using only natural ingredients. Natural plant and vegetable oils, essential oils, and shea butter are all a part of every bar. Natural minerals and herbs are what make the textures and colors simply beautiful. And, because there are no chemicals or detergent, they are safe for everyone — even the dog! NuMe soaps are earth friendly as well.

If you’ve never splurged on a bar of handmade soap, I insist you make an exception for NuMe. Even just for a special treat. Whenever I get one, I easily double my shower time, just because the smells are so amazing! You can find NuMe soaps at many OTP shops, so go treat yourself today. Or grab one as a gift for someone. Just don’t hold Scoop OTP responsible for your water bill!