The Johnston Building in Downtown Woodstock

The Johnston Building, built in 1909 in downtown Woodstock, was recently demolished and is being replaced with a new structure. The exterior of the new building will have an old brick construction style and look, but a modern feel inside.

Located at 8632 Main Street at the intersection of Mill Street and Main, this iconic building is being revitalized because it was beyond the point of repair. Formerly, the building was home to LKT Sports Art, the Woodstock DDA, Digital Media Inc and decades before that, the Woodstock bank and originally a hardware store. It has been empty for the last several years.

The owners of the building, Dr. Smith Johnston and John Moore, want this new building to be “part of the fabric of downtown,” according to their leasing agent from Path & Post, Mike Pennington. 

According to the LoopNet listing, they are looking for a fine dining or an upper end restaurant in the second floor 4,080 square feet area and for the first floor 2,800 square feet space, perhaps a speakeasy, a private music venue, or a pool room. The second floor has windows overlooking the new community art mural wall. 

Construction should be completed by first quarter 2019. The building design is being completed by Place Maker Design, who also was the architect for Woodstock’s Madlife Stage and Studios, Rootstock and Vine, and the new Reformation building. Construction is by Belcher Construction.

For more details about the demolition and construction of the building, we refer you to this article by the Cherokee Ledger.

Photo provided by Place Maker Design.


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