Local Barista Surprised with Taylor Swift Tickets

Independent Grounds Cafe, a local coffee shop that primarily employs adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities, has been working diligently to get one of their employees, 19 year old Drew, to meet Taylor Swift — or at least get him to the concert this weekend.

Independent Grounds Coffee Shop
The crew at Independent Grounds Cafe

For the past week, store owner Lorna has posted Drew on social media reaching out to Swift to come to the coffee shop in Kennesaw. Drew was even interviewed by Paul Milliken of Fox 5 Atlanta, pleading his case.

We were very drawn to his story, and tuned in daily to watch for updates — especially with the concert happening this weekend. As it turns out, through connections and lots of behind the scenes coordinating, Drew was surprised Thursday morning with 2 tickets to the Saturday night show at Mercedes Benz Stadium, where he will be treated to the VIP seats in a suite with all the food and drinks he wants! Check out his reaction!

He will be taking his best friend and fellow barista Kathryn to the show. And who knows, Taylor is known to find fans in the crowd to meet after the show, so there’s still a chance Drew could meet her.

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