Scripted Simplicity is Simply Beautiful!

SSlogo (1)Recently, I had the fortune/misfortune (depending on the day you ask me) to have an insurance claim to repair some water damage in my kitchen. Of course, I took this as a sign that I should completely redecorate my entire kitchen with new paint, back splash, light fixtures, and wall décor. That’s where Scripted Simplicity comes in.

I had seen Scripted Simplicity at the Woodstock Market under its previous name Beyond the Mossy Tree a year ago, and had been following them on Facebook ever since. I loved the look of the painted, pallet wood art with beautiful sayings that were on display at the market! I filed it away in my head, as I do all the time, for future decorating ideas.


Rachelle Goering came up with the idea for her business how many of our Made OTP people do: by not finding what she was looking for in a store, and deciding she would do it herself! About three years ago when she and her husband adopted her little girl, she wanted an art piece for her home that represented the adoption. When she couldn’t find just the right piece, she had her husband craft her a “canvas” out of some scrap lumber, and she hand painted her own work of art.

10404360_712237885500590_3414472015887881335_nHer husband then suggested trying to sell the pieces, and now she is about a year and half into the business. She is working on going to the Mart in Atlanta to hopefully expand to more retail locations.

Flash forward to a month ago, and I found myself with some large open spots on my walls that were SS1desperate for just the right piece to fill the space. I reached out to Rachelle, asked her if I could customize some pieces for my kitchen, and she was more than happy to meet my (sometimes difficult) criteria. Rachelle was able to create a draft of the pieces for me to approve before they were finalized, which is great when you are dealing with custom work.

You can buy Scripted Simplicity at the Woodstock Market, the Market at RAK in the Calhoun Premium Outlets, and of course online. Scripted Simplicity has many varieties of pieces that are made out of cedar, pine or birch, and all different sizes and colors. Full samples can be found on her website. So if your walls are in need of a little update, check out Scripted Simplicity. I love my pieces and I’m sure you will too. Tell her Scoop sent you!