Bulldogs and Bow Ties Clothing Line

946658_533268033386600_1998574411_nThis Milton High School graduate and Air Force Veteran figured out his dream in his mid-thirties, and two years ago started a clothing company called Bulldogs & Bow Ties.  

When we first saw the sticker for this company, we were in Go With the Flo in Roswell, where they had just completed a one-day trunk show. I assumed the company was started by a UGA graduate based on the name, so it was hard for me to reach out since I’m a true GATOR fan… But for the love of OTP entrepreneurs, I inquired.

Believe it or not, the company name has nothing to do with UGA, but more literally a love of bulldogs and bow ties! Of course, fashionable UGA fans are a great target audience for this clothing line.

Picture 9

Ryan and Tracy Nettleton started this classic clothing line two years ago when they wanted to add anchors on a high quality silk bow tie. Their core focus is to make patterns on bow ties and prints on T-shirts that no one else has done and are different. Bulldogs and Bow Ties is for the national audience, not just the southern fans. 


“I love the Georgia State Flag, rainbow trout, and chocolate labs as much as the next guy, but our inspiration comes from an older generation — from patriotism, and timeless ideals,” said Ryan.


Scoop loves Made OTP products that are created based on love.

Working with someone you love on a product you love and named after a dog you loved (their old bulldog Dozer) is a winning combination for this OTP couple and their business. We wish their marketing director Winston (their new bulldog!) well with his future plans, as we can’t wait to see their products in local OTP stores.

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My son loves their “How to Tie One On” shirt, as he has a sarcastic sense of humor and thought that was funny. Guess we will have to order it online for now! Follow them on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram for the latest news and distribution outlets.

Scoop OTP loves companies that give back. The owners of Bulldogs and Bow Ties are very proud of this great country and all the men and women past and present that serve. They are also huge animal lovers. So, they have donated to a handful of non profit groups that focus on animal rights, as well as non profits committed to our troops and our veterans.