From Fitness Trainer Lori Forrester

Does anyone else have a “free for all” when you take a trip with the family in the car? I usually take my cooler of meals so I don’t have to eat fast food, but the real kicker for me are the stops along the way for gas and bathroom breaks. What is it about bathroom stops that make me think I need a candy bar?

It can be difficult for me to make decentchoices on the road unless I have some healthy and tasty snacks stashed away just for myself.  Trips can set my diet back if I’m not careful, so I need to be prepared.  Here are a few things I always make sure to take with me when we travel.

  • Apples- easy to grab and not too messy
  • Nuts- gives me a salty fix
  • Protein bars- sweet tooth and my protein
  • Water- obviously don’t want to drink soda
  • Celery–I need to crunch and celery is FREE FOOD
  • Hard boiled eggs – to annoy my family and get more protein
  • Extra t Gum- all flavors, I love the dessert options
  • 72% or higher dark chocolate bar for my own special treat!
For more information, visit Lori’s blog Love, Sweat & Fears.