5K Fun for the Family

Exercise, and running in particular, is a very easy activity to enjoy together as a family. Although I say “enjoy” knowing full well that not everyone does like to run (myself included). If you haven’t ever participated in a 5K (3.1 mile race) it really is a good, family friendly event. Whether the whole family decides to run the race, or just some of you while the others cheer from the sideline, it is definitely an energetic, fun way to spend a Saturday morning.

Not a runner? No worries. Many of the folks participating in these races are not avid runners, but rather people wanting to support the cause that the run benefits. That’s the other perk to participating! 5K’s are almost always done for a charity, so you can feel good about joining in the fun. I personally do not run in the race, but rather go and cheer on my family.

www.active.com is a great resource to find races in your local area. You can find a race almost every weekend, with many different causes and themes. The Color Run and Foam Blast Run are just a couple of examples.

Give it a try! You just might like it. And if not, the only thing lost is the calories you burned!