Provisions for Home

I am going to go out on a limb and just assume that Cyril and Kelly, owners of Roswell Provisions, Kelly Cakes, and now Provisions for Home, just simply grew tired of hearing people ask “Who decorated?” their first store. I know I asked. And I longed to get my hands on the stylish, unique décor that Roswell Provisions houses. Well, now I can.

Provisions for Home is now located above Roswell Provisions in their French restaurant, Le Bistro!  Cyril, who is of French descent, and his wife Kelly have great unique products and she creates many of them too! Carrying everything from small French style knick-knacks to light fixtures and furniture, Provisions for Home will make you feel like you are walking through a market in Provence.

Re-purposing is a priority at Provisions for Home. You will find many pieces that have been repurposed for another use. And if you have spent any time on Pinterest, you know that repurposing is a craze right now.

So this Scooper’s suggestion is to head to Roswell Provisions and grab yourself a yummy latte, or maybe one of their tasty desserts, and then walk right upstairs to Provisions for Home.  There’s a great chance one of the owners will be there to cheerfully greet you. Tell them Scoop sent you!

Roswell Provisions is located at 953  Canton Street, in Roswell GA above Roswell Provisions and inside Le Bistro. Stay tuned for a Scoop Approved post on Le Bistro too!