The Trashy Side For Your Next Treasure

Have you seen those funky, cute signs that are full of destinations and mile markers? So have I. And I have wondered how to get one, especially with my own personal cities and locations on it. The Trashy Side is just the answer.

Recently relocating to Canton from Orlando, Kristen Schlinkert started The Trashy Side after making a destination sign for a birthday gift for a friend. As someone who rarely throws anything away, and has even been known to pull the car over to reclaim random objects, Kristen had a lot of resources on her hands to start making the signs. Up to 80% of the material used are all recycled.

All of Kristin’s creations are one-of-a-kind. You simply give her the information you want, as well as a color theme, and she will create your unique sign. Children’s themes, beach motif and city-looking signs are just some of the styles you can choose.

The signs are great for decoration for events — especially weddings. But anniversary and birthday parties would also be an ideal place to have a fun, custom-made sign on display. Trashy Side signs would make a great gift for parents or grandparents with family living in different cities. Kristin has done one for a Grandmother with nine different grandchildren’s residences on it!

Turnaround time is about two weeks, as Kristen likes to take time to create a custom piece. Open communication is key to coming up with the best results. Pricing is based per piece, at about $22 per location. The pricing for the “backbone” of the sign is about $49. Kristin weatherproofs signs that will be used for outdoors. So if you are looking for a gift that is unique, the Trashy Side may be just what you are looking for.