Petland:fun for everyone!

If you want to entertain your children (for FREE!), take them to Petland in Kennesaw near Town Center for playtime with the puppies!

My daughter has been begging to go for years, but I just kept blowing her off as I really didn’t understand the concept of going and playing with puppies. Plus, I’m a sucker and was afraid I would take one home! But I held strong and made this unplanned trip saying, “We’re just going in for 15 minutes.” Thirty minutes later we left without a new puppy, but I felt we really entertained and loved those little dogs that we chose to play with for that time.

Of course, deciding who to play with is not easy. They are all so cute. So we asked the employees which dogs hadn’t been out in awhile. First we took a pair of Yorkie Terriers out. Then we went for larger dogs — the Siberian Huskies.

The rooms are a good size to hold three to four people and two dogs easily. We picked out toys from their big bin of options and then just played. This is a great option for a birthday party, and Petland offers special packages for this type of outing as well.


This family owned and operated local pet store has been in business for over 10 years. They have beautiful puppies that are AKC inspected and approved, and the store wants you to come and play with them in their special playrooms for absolutely no cost! Of course, they would love for you to adopt one; they have found homes for more than 250,000 homeless pets in the last four years. They won the Store of the Year award in 2012 and Pet Counselor of the Year award, too.

In addition to puppies and pet food, the store also has purebred kittens, exotic and colorful parrots, and reptiles. While we were there, a large turtle was roaming the store! They have a large fresh water fish department too. So their slogan Come by and experience “Pet-er-tainment!” is very fitting! 

woofstockOne thing we would love to hear from you Scoopers about is dog parks. I have been to Canton Paw Park with my German Short Haired Pointer and we really enjoyed it. They recently opened up Woofstock Park in Woodstock, which has had great reviews as well. Let us know if you have one you love so we can share the scoop with our four legged followers!

So, next time you are in Kennesaw, stop by Petland — but don’t blame us if you end up adopting an adorable pet!

Petland Kennesaw
2920 George Busbee Pkwy
Ste. 101
Kennesaw, GA 30144
Phone:  678-278-2364