Candivore Epice

I love the name Candivore Epice. Think herbivore, carnivore — well, if you specialize in caramel making or eating, a candivore you would be! Epice is French for spice, which is the other product line besides caramels that Denise LaFrenier creates OTP.


After coming up with a recipe for homemade garlic salt and having it taste great, she wanted to start making other products. She loved combining salty and sweet nontraditional flavors, and the caramels were a natural fit.

il_170x135.423354508_oca3Her spice blends were created to satisfy her need for something flavorful, but not spicy. She loves the flavor of curry but has never been able to find one that is mild enough for her. She buys fresh spices from local markets and roasts them herself to get the best flavor out of them. This process brings a richer, more robust depth of flavor. Then she grinds them and experiments with mixing them in different proportions. Her favorite right now is her Ancho Coffee Rub, perfect for rubbing on steaks. Her best spice seller is the Madras Curry Blend for $9.

Denise also has a Caramel of the Month Subscription; you can sign yourself or a friend up and each month you receive two-dozen caramels with a different flavor theme. It starts at $50 for three months.


The spice blends are all-natural and only contain fresh, roasted spices. The flavored salts also only contain fresh and all natural ingredients. Her caramels don’t contain any preservatives or artificial flavors or colors — just great taste!

Our Scoop taster’s went to town on a sample pack we received. We cut each piece in four so we could all try the different flavors. Denise says that Maple Bacon Caramels and Root Beer Float Caramels ($12 for 2 dozen) are her best sellers. We loved them all and argued about our favorites, but we think Butter Pecan took top ranking.

Scoop loves companies that help charities, and Denise is a member of the Sarcoma Foundation of America. A portion of the profit from her shop is donated to the foundation to help find a better treatment and a cure for Osteosarcoma and other forms of cancer.

Sis & Moon‘s in Alpharetta carries her spices, but Denise’s products are also available online at her Etsy store. Her demand for special orders like wedding and party favors has really taken off!

You can reach Denise through her websiteFacebook, and by phone at 770.810.5414.