No Pain – No Gain!

From our Fitness Expert, Lori Forrester.

Yeah, yeah,  yeah, I know. You don’t like exercising. I can’t tell you the number of times I talk to people who tell me they hate working out. They justify not doing it by saying stuff like this: “Well, I don’t love working out like you do.” Or: “I know you think it’s fun to get sweaty and be in pain, but that’s just not me.” I mean really, do people actually think that a workout is fun for me? NO IT’S NOT!!! I would rather be by the pool, on the couch, at my desk , or even at the dentist than exercising at the moment right before a workout! I go through all the reasons in my head to skip it. I’m sore, tired, busy, depressed, cold, hot, premenstrual, etc. There are so many legitimate excuses not to do it. I can start negotiating with myself like a five year-old right before making the decision to start. I do NOT take any pleasure at all in the actual work — it sucks! It sucks so bad sometimes that I want to cry. So now you know the dirty little secret that all group fitness instructors and personal trainers try to cover up with the whole “endorphins speech.”

Here is the whole truth: You have to move your butt to shrink it. You have to lift some weights to change your body. You have to finish things to feel proud of yourself. I have never regretted a workout.Well maybe once… but I won’t tell you about that one. It’s impossible to explain to someone who has never pushed past the first few days of a program how incredible it feels to finish a training session when your body is telling you to stop but your drive is stronger. Most of the time your body isn’t really saying stop. It’s actually saying, “This is quite uncomfortable. Could you please go back to the couch? That is where I like to be.”


I’m not saying that you should ignore your body when it is literally screaming at you to stop. You want to be safe of course, but everyone is different in this area. As a trainer it’s difficult to know how much is drama and how much is actual danger! I find that most people never really push themselves past the point of “Ouch, that kind of hurts a little.” There are two kinds of people new to fitness — the “I’m dying. You’re killing me” kind, and the “I’m going to show you what I did when I was 18, so stand back” kind. Either way, it’s a hard place to be right?

Honestly, I do not enjoy the actual workout. It’s always hard. It’s always painful. I ALWAYS dread it! I NEVER REALLY WANT TODO IT! Do you hear what I’m saying? I hate it (at that moment). But what feels good is the accomplishment and the feeling of strength after it’s over and throughout the rest of the day. I won’t lie; muscle soreness is a cruel kind of sick fun. It will take you some time to really love that, but believe me, you will.

Today I worked out so hard with some fellow coaches and crazy fit freaks at CrossFit Cherokee. I willed myself to be there because these people don’t play. Every time I work with them, I crawl home. I didn’t bounce in there with bells on and tell them how excited I was to do this crazy thing; I whined about the pain in my joints, my schedule, the heat, and even my clothes. Then it was go time. I’m not as strong as others and I’m not as fast as them either, but they push me and tell me I can do it. I believe them and I keep going.


This is what I mean. Is it severe discomfort and my mind getting the best of me, or do I really need to stop? That extra push is what makes it all happen for you. This is the addiction and the high that people describe. Can’t relate? Don’t worry, it takes about 6-8 weeks for this to kick in. You’ll get there!

It does take some time to “love” this lifestyle. There are things you love that are hard work to get there, right? Raising kids, a job well done, building a house, creating a solid savings. Yes, to have great achievements and to move forward you have to go through a little pain and suffering. So when you hear someone say “I love working out,” they are lying. They love the feeling after they’ve finished a workout. No one in their right mind loves the feeling during a workout. It’s like childbirth. You say, “That really hurt. I’m ready to do it again!” That is the high and the addictive nature of fitness.

Now get out there and embrace that pain because it will only last a short while!

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