Ozark Filming Locations in Georgia

If you haven’t binged watched the Netflix series “Ozark” yet, worry not, there aren’t any spoilers in here. But, if you’re like us and many of our cohorts, you’ve watched it, paused, rewound and rewatched it looking for the local spots it was filmed and maybe even for that friend of yours who signed up to be an extra (you know you should’ve gone too!)

The show is based in the Lake of the Ozarks in Missouri, but is filmed almost exclusively in Georgia, with most scenes taking place between Lake Allatoona and Lake Lanier. But did you catch some of the other local attractions that made the show? Our friends at Explore Georgia have the scoop — check out their full list of locations.

Why wasn’t the show just filmed in Missouri? Besides the fact that Georgia is ripe for filming with its camera-ready communities and tax incentives, the real Lake of the Ozarks — claiming more shoreline than California — is heavily populated with tourists and filming wasn’t feasible. But we did find some information on what scenes are truly shot in Missouri, and even the original resort that the show is based around.