Nacho Daddy Comes to GA

The Nevada-based franchise Nacho Daddy is expanding and has selected Parson’s Alley in Duluth, Georgia as its first out of state franchise. With four locations in Las Vegas, this is their fifth.

According to a prepared statement from Nacho Daddy President Paul Hyma to What Now Atlanta, he said:

We have strong family and friend ties to the Peach State. We were drawn to the work and careful revitalization of Parsons Alley. We couldn’t be happier to be included in the next steps and to be a part of the updated and beautiful redevelopment.

Launched in 2010, Nacho Daddy is known for its gourmet nachos smothered in queso and salsa made fresh daily, and they guarantee you’ll never find a dry chip.

The restaurant also serves all-day breakfast, “Mexican-American collisions,” a full vegan menu, and house-made specialty drinks. Check out their menu  — but you have to wait to December until they open.

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Parson’s Alley in Duluth