Liam Neeson Movie & Guardians of the Galaxy Casting Calls

We all know the Atlanta area has lots of opportunities to appear on screen, and some projects are bigger Claimfamethan others. Being in smaller projects is a great way to get your start but let’s be honest, wouldn’t it be thrilling to be in a blockbuster? Here are some great opportunities you can apply to today, including “Guardians of the Galaxy 2,” a Liam Neeson/Russell Crowe movie, and a hot new Hulu series. When you apply through our partners at ClaimFame, you can apply using their “Quick Submit” feature. Just set up a talent profile and the application takes just seconds.

Liam Neeson Movie

Blockbuster alert: Liam Neeson’s new film “Felt” will tell the story of Mark Felt who helped journalists uncover the Watergate scandal. Neeson will be joined by Russell Crowe, Diane Lane, Jason Bateman, and you? Click here for information.

Score a role in the upcoming drama One Last Thing alongside Wendell Pierce (The Wire and Treme) and Jurnee Smollett-Bell (FridayNight Lights)! Details here.

Guardians of the Galaxy Ready for another interstellar adventure? Get cast in “The Guardians of the Galaxy 2” right now

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How would you like to be Odessa Young’s new co-star? Now you can. Hulu’s new show “When the Street Lights Go On” casting!

Sundance’s drama series “Rectify” is casting for male photo doubles, check it out

If you want to make an extra $500 this month for starring in Enmarket Stores’ new commercial, then apply ASAP!

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