Chick-fil-A Cow has arrived at the Sun Trust Park

How many of us can say we have seen all 530 Braves home runs? Since 2008, the iconic Chick-fil-A 40-foot-tall cow did, and fans are looking forward to it seeing more when the Braves play at the new Sun Trust Park stadium in 2017.  The fiberglass-and-steel cow weighs 18,000-pounds and has moved to the right-center field in Cobb County at the new Braves stadium at Sun Trust Park.

Before the cow arrived, it received a makeover with a new digital signboard, replacing its current painted placard. This was part of the refurbishment at Kern Studios, the New Orleans company that built the Turner Field cow eight years ago and is best known for creating Mardi Gras floats. The arm that has done a slow version of the tomahawk chop at Turner Field will not move after the makeover. Thank you to the Atlanta Journal Constitution for this scoop.


Chick-fila-A, the Atlanta-based chicken restaurant chain, has a partnership with the stadium and the Braves that will include customized concessions stands at the new stadium.

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