How well do you know your ghosts and spirits?

With Halloween creeping up on us, it’s hard not to notice that almost every town has its own haunted house, ghost tour, or some other homage to the ethereal being. Personally, I’ve always been a scoffer. As a doubter, I haven’t put too much thought into the non-living, but when a trusted friend mentioned that a favorite local spot I frequent was haunted, I decided to do some research and ask an expert.

Kimberly Pyron Psychic MediumKimberly Pyron is a professional psychic medium at Marietta Metaphysical Arts who is more than happy to explain the differences between all of the ghosts, spirits and other non-living beings. Kimberly has had the gift of being a psychic medium since childhood, but has recently started her business to help people connect with loved ones, and only brings messages of light and love.

Pyron explains that a “ghost” is a spirit that has not yet gone into the light, or heaven. A ghost can linger in a home, it can be found in a new home, or any building that they feel they have unfinished business in. Ghosts are not necessarily out to scare or hurt anyone.

“Activity” in a building can be sensed by use of a paranormal activity detector. Pyron gives validity to the local ghost tours, stating that her favorite one is the Decatur Ghost Tour. Ghosts are not the same as spirits or angels, which have already gone on to the next stage.

Ghosts Contrary to what Hollywood might have you believe, ghosts do not become more active around Halloween — people just become more aware of their existence. It can also make some people (usually kids) want to try various methods of talking to spirits. Ouija boards keep popping up in my youngest daughter’s conversations, and while I tend to disregard the results she says they come up with, Pyron states that a Ouija board is in fact a tool, and that using one can be like opening a door to spirits that kids might not be prepared to hear from. Of course, kids are going to be kids, but consider yourself warned!

If the Halloween spirit has you thinking of reaching out to one of your loved ones who has passed, Pyron does readings by appointment. She is very used to non-believers, but encourages those of you who have questions to come and experience her gift of communicating with your angels. The psychic industry, and her business in particular, have been growing rapidly, and it is all due to personal referrals from clients who have gotten very accurate readings.

So feel free to jump on the Halloween bandwagon and take one of the local ghost tours OTP knowing that that they are not out to get you. You might even learn something!

Kimberly Pyron is available for private and group readings. Please tell her that Scoop sent you!